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With a portfolio currently composed of wines produced on our Estates in Alentejo, Douro & Tejo, the company is distinguished to have a superior winemaking quality and the ability to provide wines in all bottle formats existing in the market, wich combined  with a sourcing consistency of product and the investand to have an oenological quality, which, combined with a consistent product sourcing and investmentment capacity, allow us to find the appropriate soluctions and needs of our patners.


Redondo Winery

Redondo Winery wines grow on the southern slope of Serra d`Ossa, in Redondo, in the heart of Alentejo.

The winery was created in 1989, at the time named Roquevale, in which brands such as Terras de Xistos, Tinto and Redondo wines were launched.

The operations center of the entire group takes place at Herdade do Monte Branco. The cellar has the capacity to vinify 2 million kilos of grapes and has a filling capacity of 6000 bottles per hour.

Encostas de Estremoz Âncora
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Encostas de Estremoz was born on the billsides of the historic town of Estremoz, once home to Portuguese Kings and Queens.

Its rich terroir and deep-rooted wine traditions make the region one of the most recognized in Alentejo.

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Sagrado, one of the oldest wine estates in Pinhão, heart of the Douro region, was owned by two centuries-old families: previously by the Cálem family, historic producer of the Douro valley, and currently by the descendants of the iconic Marquis Nicolas Alexandre Ségur, proclaimed "Prince of Vignes" by King Louis XV.

Quinta da Centieira Âncora
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Located in the Scalabitan village of Atalaia, Quinta da Centieira is a small 5 hectares property dedicated exclusively to winegrowing.

The Quinta benefits from a geographical framework of excellence, with a temperate Atlantic climate and the protection of the Serra de Montejunto to the west.

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